Fortress Hohensalzburg

Signage System


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Human perception, interpretation and orientation

Guiding people safely, while knowing that  perception and interpretation varies among individuals, makes developing functional way-finding systems one of the most challenging tasks in information design.


Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fortress Hohensalzburg is the largest castle in Europe and one of the most popular Austrian visit destinations besides Vienna. Every year, over one million international tourists visit this imposing fortress build high up on a mountain. Visitors can enter the areal by hiking up or by taking a special cable railway.


Project requirement and challenges

The design consultancy State was asked to create a trilingual way-finding system for the entire in- and outdoor area of the fortress (around 14,000 m²). The fortress’ interior with its narrow winding stairs contrasts the expansive exterior with its generous lawns and walkways, all of which had to be served by a coherent signage design.


Instruction and communication

I was in charge of developing a visual and written instruction system for the entire in- and outdoor area of the fortress. The main challenge was to structure and communicate the complex information in such way local managers could use it for official acceptance protocols and contractors in Salzburg could independently produce, assemble and position a flawless signage.


Additionally, I was part of the project supervising team, participated in areal inspections in Salzburg, and worked as an information designer in the design team.

State Berlin

Salzburger Burgen & Schlösser

2015 – 2017

A N J A   R A U E N B U S C H

Didactic Design & Project Management



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