Heilpflanzen und Selbstmedikation

Therapeutische Anwendungen


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Hello cliche!

Healing with herbs sounds like witches sitting in the woods, cooking some magic potion. I truely must say: for me it sadly was! Like the most people I had absolutely no idea but strong negative opinion about brewing teas, using compresses, preparing healing baths or make a helpful ointment, oil or gel. So stupid, right?! Because herbs play the most important role in medicine´s historical origin.


Bye bye cliche!

Owing to numerous side effects caused by chemically produced medications, people’s need in finding reliable alternatives and knowing more about self-medication increases immediately. Therefore I decided to teach a better one and stop the herbal cliche. I decided to write and design a real medical handbook for non-professionals on my own.


There it is!

The medical handbook Heilpflanzen und Selbstmedikation – Therapeutische Anwendungen is an instructional guide for non-professionals and can be used for self-medication of common illnesses. Clearly structured and carefully written textual instructions are combined with a large number of instructional graphs, thus enabling the user to learn important basics and perform responsible self-medication.


The book is divided into three chapters:

1: Knowledge about particular diseases + Treatments + Dosage options

2: Instructions for practical use

3: Subject Index + Glossary of terms + instructional graphs directory


Main part of my work was instructional writing based on a complex research as well as the visual development of reliable medical instructions which I put to the test in several phases afterwards.


Heilpflanzen und Selbstmedikation is expected to be published in 2019.

Bachelor thesis


University of Applied Sciences Aachen, 2014

A N J A   R A U E N B U S C H

Didactic Design & Project Management






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