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The Hohe Venn is a large moor between Germany and Belgium with an extension of more than 600 km². Fog occurs on 160 to 177 days a year. There are several hiking trails, some on solid ground but most on wooden boardwalks that lead over the muddy surface.


With its spooky silence, foggy air filled with strange noises, dead trees and weird ground formations, Hohes Venn´s atmosphere gets totally unreal but absolutely fascinating.


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Wandern halt is a printed hiking guide containing 10 maps and additional general information. In the moor there are many broken (and therefore unsafe) boardwalks, so the guide includes warnings to hikers, preventing them from minor or major accidents.


The guide is divided into 5 chapters:

1: Introduction (Foreword + General information about using the guide)

2: Arriving (Basic information + facts and infographics about the moor’s formation + hints, prohibitions and warnings)

3: Hiking (General hints + 10 hiking trails including a map with specific indicators for orientation and attractions)

4: Exploring Nature Encyclopedia about Flora and Fauna

5: Subject Index + Glossary of terms


Extra: Overview map including all hiking trails


I did research on hiking in the moor, instructional writing, visual communication of risks, developing detailed hiking maps as well as creating information graphics.

Hiking trail on wooden boardwalks

Map of hiking trail 1

Cross grave

Explanation of pictograms used as indicators in the hiking trail maps

Excerpt from chapter Arriving: Preparation and equipment

Typical formation

Information graphics with general knowledge about the natural formation of Hohes Venn and its historical background.

Overview map including all hiking trails and their connections

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