Selber Schuld?!

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Make outrage visible

Brandenburgische Frauenwoche 2018 bundles a large number of feministic conferences, lectures, meet ups, round tables, festive events, workshops, and exhibitions. During the last years, BFW has become one of the most important public event for sensitizing society and communicating gender and equality policy issues in Brandenburg.


This year’s provocative slogan Selber Schuld?! (“Your Own Fault!?”) refers to accusations contemptuous finger-pointing against female victims of sexism.


Feministic Design

I was asked by the Equal Opportunities Office of University of Applied Sciences Potsdam to join their team as a lead designer. I created a bold and provocatively visual language to underline the pain those unfair accusations cause and created a printed informative program guide, flyers and posters for the event.

In cooperation with

Equal Opportunities Office of University
of Applied Sciences Potsdam,
University of Potsdam & CultusUG




More information about sexualized blame assigments
(Broschue published by Fachhochschule Potsdam):

A N J A   R A U E N B U S C H

Didactic Design & Project Management



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