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Partizipation, Haltung, Selbstbild


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As a female designer I have the strong personal need to participate in the actual feministic movement in a professional and reflected way. I am especially interested in the relation of feminism and design and, as a didactic designer, I am thinking about how to make this discourse accessible and beneficial to others.


What is RMWD?

I was given the opportunity to hold a lectureship at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences for one semester, during which I taught autonomously every week. Role models who design – Partizipation, Haltung, Selbstbild (Participation, Attitude, Self-image) consisted of eleven individually designed sessions, each dealing with different aspects of feminism, participation, and inequality in relation to the design industry. 30 interdisciplinary design students from bachelor and master programms participated in the bilingual course.


What is the idea behind RMWD?

Because feminism has become such a relevant – yet sensitive – topic it was  important for me to balance between a theoretical and a practical approach for my lecture – especially since the students had varying amounts of knowledge about and experience with feminism in design.


Therefore I decided not only provided them with historical, scientific and theoretical input to support reflected and fact based knowledge. I also emphasised individual empowerment and personal growth of the students by creating a save space for open discussions. This enabled them to exchange personal experiences and collaborate in a series of workshops. Furthermore I invited international external guests to join us in class.


Additionally, all students worked on individual design projects in which they could use their creative power to develop solutions for current feminist issues – thereby combining theoretical and practical knowledge in a reflected way.


Part of my preparation of each week’s session was extensive research in feminism, design, design thinking methods and workshop implementation. Furthermore I  interviewed Berlin-based designers from  a range of design  disciplines, visited feministic talks in different cities, and shared these experiences with the students.


Learning objectives of RMWD

- Developing a critical approach to the subject of feminism and/in design
- Overcoming prejudices and fear to discuss the subject

- Learning how to empower yourself and others

- Developing a strong feministic attitude and communicating it right

- Reflecting on and improving self-perception and confidence, with a specific focus on body language, voice and wording, by participating in open discussions, workshops  and frequent presentation tasks

- Finding a conscious way to use design to make a contribution in feminism


My role at RMWD

Besides preparing and leading the lectureship as a lecturer there was a range of other roles I aimed to fulfill: I  served as a mentor during the development of the students` design projects, as a course manager, a female designer, a role model and, of course, a patient listener to the student’s needs, problems and questions.

To give RMWD a strong powerful look, I developed a bold visual language which I used my presentations in class as well as didactic materials.

Insight in my presentation charts of my selected role models which I showed in RMWD class Role models who design on 13.11.2017. Each student had to present a small selection of personal role models and present them in front of the entire group. The aim was to practice talking in front of others. So I decided to join them and present my role models, too.

Working atmosphere while reading an interview I conducted for RMWD class Inclusion & Conferences on 15.01.2018.

Students using the prepared didactic material to brainstorm on ideas for their own projects.

For the RMWD class Attitude, Self image, Self awareness on 20.11.2017, I invented a experimental format called silent exhibition to reflect about personal strengths and weaknesses.

29.01.2018: Final presentation of the student´s projects which they developed during the semester parallel to class. I invited 7 external guests from different design disciplines to join my class for the final presentations, ask questions and give feedback.

Insight in my guiding instructions for the students to work on a reading and discussion task during the RMWD class Leadership on 27.11.2017.

Printed version of an interview I did with Kristina Schneider, an UX and front end consultant based in Berlin. We talked about the circumstances that cause a more difficult inclusion of female speakers at design and tech conferences. I planed and conducted the interview as well as transcribed it for RMWD class Inclusion & Conferences on 15.01.2018.

Preparation of course material for the RMWD class

University of Applied Sciences Potsdam


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