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Visual Identity & School Planner


Didactic Design, Corporate Branding, Editorial Design, Concept & Presentation, Project Management

The Gymnasium on Gartenstraße in Mönchengladbach is characterized by innovative teaching concepts, high interaction standards, and a very welcoming attitude.


I was asked to work as project manager and lead designer to refocus and sharpen the school’s position as well as to develop a visually tailored outdoor appearance. After hosting various workshops with principals, teachers and parents, the focus was on creating a new vivid visual language which represented the school’s pupil-friendly but also professional attitude.

During the process, I designed a school planner for young pupils in fifth to seventh grade. It was intended for everyday use, particularly robust and waterproofed. The planer is divided in a daily calendar section for noting down homework tasks as well as a didactic section containing writing tips, math rules, vocabs, advices for behavior in school, puzzles, and space for notes.


The planner was sold out within a few days. It is an integral part of the school’s visual identity and will be published in 3rd edition this year.

In cooperation with Gymnasium an der Gartenstraße Mönchengladbach

2015 – 2018

A N J A   R A U E N B U S C H

Didactic Design & Project Management



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